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A Guide for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page


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After reading Viveka von Rosen's excellent book, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, and discussing how to make LinkedIn work better for you on my podcast with her, I decided to spruce up my LinkedIn Company Page.

I have a ways to go, but focusing on the Home tab which included making and uploading a banner image was a good start. The other major feature to update and optimize for me was the Company Description (see example below).

Here I share with you the updated information on such things as image sizes, character limits and thoughts gleaned from Viveka on how to best optimize these sections to showcase your business in the best possible light.

Look at it this way: LinkedIn has given marketers and business owners the ability to create an informative, helpful and engaging company presence. Why would we not want to take advantage of these features and assets to help our business stand out and generate potential interest in our products, services, and so much more?

This guide covers most of the editable fields and features of the "Home" section of your Company Page:

  • Company Page Banner Image
  • Company Description
  • Standard Logo and Square Logo
  • Company Specialties

Let's get started!

Company Page Main Banner Image

The main company page image or banner will sit at the top of the company page, just below your logo and before your Recent Updates or Company Description. Prepare image to these specs:

  • Max size is 2MB (Formats accepted: PNG, JPG, GIF)
  • Image must be 646 X 220 pixels or larger
  • Image may be cropped once it’s uploaded

What to include on your company page image:

  • Key message/value proposition to potential customers/followers
  • Could feature a new product or service (like HubSpot is currently doing with Social Inbox – see below)
  • Banner is NOT a clickable CTA – it’s for messaging and branding purposes only
  • Make it visually appealing and attractive to potential followers
  • Include elements consistent with your brand guidelines – color scheme, imagery, typography, etc. (Do not include your logo in the banner image - you will be able to include your company's standard logo just above the banner image - logo instructions below)

 Banner Image Example: HubSpot

hubspot company page banner resized 600

Other Examples:

Note: You can drive potential followers to your company page by selecting and using your company page URL in marketing promotions such as e-newsletters, blog articles, other social media updates, and off line/print communications and events.

Company Description

Your company description is accessed via the company page, “Home” link and will be positioned just below your updates. Prepare your company description with these factors in mind:

  • The company description window requires a minimum of 200 and maximum of 1,500 characters. (I suggest using the maximum!)
  • Use plenty of whitespace, bullets, CAP some key terms, etc. to make your key messages standout. (I recommend you prepare your company description in a Word document with desired formatting and then paste it into the LinkedIn window.)
  • Sprinkle keywords throughout your description and write it for the user and what’s in it for them.
  • Consider speaking directly to your LinkedIn audience. Something like: “We are glad you found our LinkedIn company profile. Check out our Services…” (Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day).

Here's how my Company Description reads:

About B2B Inbound

It's a start. What do you think?

Standard Logo and Square Logo

The standard logo is the one used in the upper left section of your company profile page. The square logo will be used in the network updates. Sizes are as follows:

  • Standard Logo: 2MB max., 100 X 60 pixels max, PNG, JPG or GIF
  • Square Logo: 2MB max., 50 X 50 pixels max, PNG, JPG or GIF

I recommend using the maximum size allowable!

Company Specialties

When you’re editing your company information and description, you may as well update and add to the specialties feature. You get a maximum of 256 characters to list all your specialties. Use descriptive, keyword-rich terms your potential followers and customers would recognize and be interested in. These will show up at the bottom of your company description content.

For more on LinkedIn marketing...

Check out the show notes and podcast I did with Viveka von Rosen on LinkedIn Marketing Essentials! (Includes tons of show notes and other LinkedIn resources!)

Question: Have you optimized your LinkedIn Company Page? And what are you doing to promote it?