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12 Questions to Answer Before Writing a B2B Services Web Page


My last article listed many tips and guidelines on how to create effective web copy and headlines from a number of web copy experts. There are many different kinds of pages you may need to create copy for on a B2B web site. And when you think about it, each type of page has its own purpose relating to your overall content strategy and the information needs of your audience.finding treasure

When it comes to services pages for a B2B company's web site, you might want to frame up some questions and do some research before diving in to create the page structure, flow of information and copy.

It's a little like hunting for treasure. You'll need to do some exploring and digging, but if you stick with it the reward can be well worth the effort. It will give you clues and ideas on how to communicate with your ideal, B2B customer.

Here are 12 questions you could ask to gather the information needed to write a killer services page for a B2B company's web site. (I use the terms persona and reader interchangeably.)

1. What is the primary purpose of the page?

2. Who's the primary buyer persona this page is targeting?

3. What is the key problem, challenge or desire your buyer persona has coming to the page?

4. What conversation does your persona most want to start?

5. What is the central value proposition, or unique selling point your service addresses for your persona?

6. How can you show that you understand your persona's primary need?

7. What are some of the features or attributes that distinguish your service that the reader should understand?

8. What are the top 3 benefits your service provides?

9. What is the one thing you want the reader to understand once they've read the copy?

10. Write a couple of short, key sentences of 20 words or less that describes exactly what you offer.

11. What tools can you use that may stimulate a response and persuade the reader to take postive action? Thinks like:

  • A short, compelling video
  • Key facts in a bulleted list
  • Customer quotes or brief testimonials related to your readers' needs
  • Facts, figures and percentages of increase or reduction in a key business metric
  • Charts, graphs, visuals and/or photos which convey relevancy and support your claims
  • Examples or illustrations of the service in practice
  • Links to download a customer success story

12. What do you want the reader to do after engaging with the content and understanding it?

By researching and answering these questions you will be in a good position to write copy that connects with the needs of your B2B prospect. You'll be able to create the copy and content for the page in a logical and thoughtful manner.

In an upcoming post, I'll share how to organize the information collected and compose the copy in a way that will resonate with your persona and move them to action.

What questions have you asked that are helpful in preparing to write B2B copy for a web services page?