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How a Storytelling Blog Can Rise Above the Numbers Game


Can a storytelling blog help you rise above the numbers?

As I began to write this post, worldometers reports 2.1 million blog posts written today. And the number flies upwards as the seconds pass. Towards the end of the day it registered over 3.4 million.  It’s downright mind boggling.

worldometer shows blog posts written today

Frequent blogging we know is important to traffic, leads and sales, or a bevy of other benefits like branding and thought leadership. But sometimes I fear we get caught up in the numbers and it becomes more like work – something we feel we have to do vs. want to do (or do very well). When we miss cranking out a post or get off schedule we may even feel a sense of guilt.

Here are 3 insights for helping us get beyond the numbers with our blogging:

Develop purposeful mechanics

HubSpot exhorts marketers to be constantly “pumping out content not only at a high frequency but also at a high level of quality.” This post gives some very useful tips on cultivating strong habits – on what I’d call the blocking and tackling, or mechanics of blogging. Things like setting deadlines and goals, thinking like an educator and keeping your customer personas in mind.

There are many practical links shared in the article that can help get you mechanically sound with some fine tips. Like the one on business blogging short cuts for time-crunched marketers. But tips and mechanics alone won’t get you over the hump, won’t help you be just another number.

Utilize effective technology

Platforms like Zerys with its project management, communications and writer marketplace all rolled into one can help you generate blog content efficiently and affordably.  And, blogging software tools  like in HubSpot with its integrated blog optimizer, keyword tool and blog analytics will help optimize performance.  What’s more, HubSpot Professional and Enterprise editions afford users the ability to auto-post from Zerys to their saved drafts with just a couple clicks.

All the mechanics, methodology and technology can work great to ignite activity and generate massive amounts of content. But a person can have great mechanics and use the finest systems available – completely amazing and eye-popping – but if that person can’t convince enough other people in the central idea, to change and be transformed, it doesn’t matter how many blog posts are generated. It's like whirling dervishes spinning to a state of dizziness. Okay, that may have been a little much. But did it stir your thinking, an emotion? Do you want to do more with your blog, like foster change?

Tell a meaningful story

People change because they get emotionally involved with a human connection. Facts and information and lists and how-to guides alone don’t transform behavior. Facts are important, but people make decisions based on emotional appeal. The best way to unite ideas with emotion is by telling compelling stories.

“Storytelling creates the emotional glue that connects an audience with your idea.” – Nancy Duarte, Resonate.

The trick is to combine methodology and technology with a little artistry. Storytelling adds much needed artistry to the mix. Story-based blogs have the power to:

  • Create interest, attention and a sense of adventure, entertainment
  • Move an audience from static information to dynamic meaning
  • Make your idea more digestible, real, memorable and remarkable
  • Persuade people to change their hearts, minds and behaviors

Blog story writing can be a sentence, a paragraph or be woven throughout as in the example of a case-study (customer success story) type blog that involves real people solving real problems that others will relate to. And that’s the main point: Use Story-based blogging to give us a real-life example of how what you’re writing about plays out in real life. (Disclosure: We created the afore-mentioned case-study blog, “How Porous Asphalt Pavement Helped Expand a Business”.)

Steve Jobs was driven by a sense of perfection and making products tightly integrated (technology), extremely useful and easy to use (mechanics), yet elegant in design (artistry). His unrelenting passion for the intersection of technology and artistry revolutionized industries and transformed the way we live, communicate, and so much more. We’d do well to find that balance in our blogging, and not just put up more numbers in the blogosphere.

Need help pumping out some meaningful blog content? Click the button below to view our blog article writing packages and pricing. We try hard to make sure your blog posts rise above the number game.