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Tips for Stagecoach Travelers and Inbound Marketers - Part 1


stagecoach travelers

Tips for Stagecoach Travelers was published by the Omaha Herald in 1877. I picked it up in Coloma at the Marshall Gold Discovery Museum in the form of a poster which I purchased for a whopping $.50. The tips are quite humorous to us today. Although I'm sure they were written to be very serious back in the day.

With a little imagination we can find similarities between what it was like to ride a stagecoach in the late 1800's to what it's like marketing on the web today. And, it serves as a reminder that the more things change the more they seem to be the same. That, and the reality that we are on a new frontier with regards to inbound marketing strategies and technologies. Wonder what the road ahead will bring?

See if you can identify with these conditions and tips. (Headings are my interpretation of the common lessons to be gained between stagecoach riding and inbound marketing.)

Get in a strategic position.

Stagecoach Travelers: The best seat inside a stage is the one next to the driver. Even if you have a tendency to sea-sickness when riding backwards - you'll get over it and will get less jolts and jostling. Don't let "sly elph" trade you his mid-seat.

Inbound Marketers: The best position for the long haul is to invest time and resources in SEO combined with blog (content) marketing and social media. From this vantage point you'll get more quality traffic, links, rankings, leads and customers. Don't let "PPC Pete" or "Outbound Otto" trick you into quick fixes.

Heed good advice.

Stagecoach Travelers: In cold weather don't ride with tight-fitting boots, shoes, or gloves. When the driver asks you to get off and walk do so without grumbling, he won't request it unless absolutely necessary. If the team runs away - sit still and take your chances. If you jump, nine out of ten times you will get hurt.

Inbound Marketers: The purpose of inbound marketing is to attract qualified traffic, convert visitors to leads and be able to analyze and improve results. You can't do that without equipping yourself with the proper tools and engaging in an effective methodology. Fortunately, the HubSpot platform provides a good number of integrated tools with marketing analytics and the ability to integrate with professional CRM systems for closed loop marketing. But you have to use them and follow directions. If your Dashboard HubFeed says to "Fix these pages on your website" then do it. If you don't, it will hurt your visibility and rankings.

Avoid getting distracted.

Stagecoach Travelers: In very cold weather abstain entirely from liquor when on the road, because you will freeze twice as quickly under it's influence.

Internet Marketers: When the going gets tough and you hit writer's block, get disappointing results from your calls to action, or someone chews you up in blog comments - or you get little to no comments or link love, don't get sidetracked. Keep from the temptation to escape. (Although a good stiff drink does seem like a good idea.) Instead, review your overall progress from your goals and benchmark reports. See how far you've come. Re-commit to the journey, don't get distracted by one-time events, short periods of decline or less than desired outcomes. Look to the data of what successful inbound marketing activities produce, and do that, the best that you can. And your road will smooth out. It will become less bumpy, the sky above will clear and you may even feel a refreshing westerly breeze - a zephyr - warm on your face.

In Tips for Stagecoach Travelers and Inbound Marketers - Part 2 will look at such things as:

  • Don't growl at the food...
  • Don't lean or lop over neighbors...
  • Don't point out where murders have been...and,
  • Don't lag at the wash basin;

and I'll attempt to apply these to inbound marketing.

Now, get on your stagecoach and ride!