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B2B Inbound Weekly Digest for 3/19/2011


Here are the topics, tools and thoughts that captured my attention this past week.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys at POS

I don't know about you, but it seems I'm bombarded these daysCustomer satisfaction surveys when checking out at the register to: "TELL US ABOUT YOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE." It's on the mile-long receipt with enticements to go online, complete the survey and get $2 off my next purchase. "And here's a bag of dog treats for your pouch, and oh, by the way, please give us all 5's!" pleads the clerk.

Speaking of pleading, while discussing this topic with my wife she shared a recent experience with a major national retailer upon checkout. "We get enough negative feedback, it would be nice to get some positive ratings for a change," remarked the woman at the cash register. Hmmm...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against saving money on my next purchase or giving valuable feedback that might help a store improve (my) customer experience. But to me, many of these attempts to collect customer feedback seem way too self-serving. Almost to the extent of seeming to buy favor.

It's also difficult to get me to take the time, after I go home to go online or call a number in order to complete a customer satisfaction survey. I've done it before and it's always taken more time than the value of the incentive.

There are some advanced customer-facing POS systems retailers are beginning to utilize now to actually collect customer feedback at the register, before the customer leaves the store. That's a big step in the right direction. My hope is they implement the survey in a way that is both meaningful to the customer and helpful to the business. (And stop handing me these long survey and coupon-laden receipts!)

Both B2C and B2B organizations need to figure this out. Perhaps it's helpful to think in terms of the "Experience Gap," as Scott Stratten discusses in his book, UnMarketing - Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. Scott describes this as the space between the best and worst service experience a customer receives from you. That's what you want to find out in your customer satisfaction survey. Is there a gap in what you've come to expect with what you've just experienced?

Zero gap is the goal. Let's turn Point-of-Sale into Point-of-Service Excellence, and realize there are no ordinary moments. There is no greater value (or loyalty incentive) than what's delivered in the right here and right now of customer service.

Your Twitter Daily Newspaper is Out!

I'd been seeing some Twiiter friends post tweets saying their daily something or other was out - with a link. Well, I finally checked one out and got hooked on it.

@smallrivers, a privately held startup in Switzerland has come up with, what looks to me to be a real winner of a personal, content curation and sharing tool. Currently in alpha, is a tool that finds and organizes information from Twitter and Facebook based on your criteria, then publishes it on a Web page.

b2b inbound daily

For example, in my case I'm interested to know about information being published and shared relating to B2B marketing. So, I set my (online) newspaper up with the hashtag: #B2B. Now, every day it sends me an email with a sample of the articles and a link to view all of them on the Web.

It does insert advertising which you have no control over, that aside, there are multiple benefits:

  1. I can scan and review content I care about in one place on a daily basis. If I missed something on Twitter (because I don't live there) I can easily catch up.
  2. I can publish a tweet via the settings daily or weekly to my Twitter followers with a Web link to view my paper.
  3. I can promote other content producers and grow my Twitter following strategically around relevant topics. What happens is when your daily tweet goes out it also mentions the twitter user names the daily features. They quite often check out the link then RT it to their followers. They also start following me and I will follow them back. Brilliant!

Here's example of a daily tweet:

paper li tweet

Here's example of a RT:

rt b2binbound daily

You can use Twitter advanced search to really make your paper very targeted. You can also create and publish up to 10 papers on different topics per account. So, check it out, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the value, not only for you but to others as well. And, that's when social media works best - when it's mutually beneficial!

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