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Marketing to B2B: Tactics that Matter Most


Are you marketing to B2B companies on the Web? If so, how are you set up to be found and engage with them? You want to fill your funnel with interested and qualified prospects. Should we say more interested and qualified prospects? If so, you're probably very interested in top B2B inbound marketing tactics for business results. Right?

I snagged a prospect on my Web site this week. My prospect, the the head of marketing at a B2B company found me by Googling the term, "b2b inbound."  I was thrilled. I dominate the first page for this term occupying the first 4 of 5 slots. Granted, there's not a lot of traffic one can expect to generate for this search term. But I'll take the 2 daily visits my keyword research tool tells me I can get for being the #1 ranked listing. Besides, it's my name. I should be found on top of the heap for it. But I digress. Or do I?

Back to my lead. He completed my contact form: "Looking for a website redesign, please call."

Naturally, I called. He was sharp and had a definite idea of what he wanted out of a Web site redesign, the process he was using to evaluate "partners," and what he didn't want to get into: No blogging or social media, and "we do quite well with SEO already," he stated.


He then rattled off a bunch of Web sites he wanted his to be more like. I was already familiar with them (sites like Marketo and Aprimo). They do a fantastic job of marketing to B2B in a buyer-centric manner and all have active blogs, social media engagements and strong SEO.

In other words, here was a B2B company who Googled, "b2b inbound" but had no immediate and strong interest in inbound marketing services.

I was dumbfounded. He said he wanted to be found more on the Web, engage users with information then convert them via a registration process for a demo or more info. But, he didn't want to invest in any of the inbound marketing tactics known to drive the business value he was seeking.

53 website gradeI thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt and graded his Web site via HubSpot's Website Grader. It didn't fair so well. The score of 53 out of 100 indicates the marketing effectiveness of his site is better than 53% of the over 3.3 million sites that have been graded thus far. 53% isn't good enough. And, doing a Web site redesign without a content marketing (blog), social media and SEO plan will not help improve it.

What are other B2B marketers investing in for effective marketing to B2B? Well, if you happen to Google "b2b inbound" you'll see the current 6th place listing: B2B Inbound Marketing: Top tactics for social media, SEO, PPC and optimization.

marketing sherpa b2b inbound

I wish my prospect would have checked this out first. Maybe it would have made a difference in his thinking. It points out that "inbound marketing is growing in B2B companies. Investments in webinars, SEO, social marketing (includes most effective tactic: blogging), and page optimization are all on the rise."

This comes from a MarketingSherpa, 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report which found investment was increasing:

  • 69% for website design, management and optimization
  • 69% for social media
  • 60% for virtual events / webinars (content, content, content)
  • 60% for search engine optimization

Are you marketing to B2B? Thinking or planning to do a Web site redesign? Great. Do that. But don't forget the most important tactics to marketing effectiveness!

My response to this prospect? I think this is it. I think I'll send him a link to this blog post with a copy of his website grader report.

What would you do?


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