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Improve Search Engine Ranking: Publish Optimized News Releases


Improve Search Engine Ranking with RSS Enabled and Optimized News Releases

Creating optimized content to support content marketing goals on your website and improve search engine ranking can involve any number of items including:

  • Content pages
  • Blog articles
  • Video
  • Images
  • Documents
  • News articles

Lee Odden of Top Rank Marketing has often repeated the mantra: "If it can be searched on it can be optimized." When creating your content marketing plan around key metrics, be sure to consider the value of creating a frequently updated and optimized newsroom (also referred to as an Online Media Room).

An Online Newsroom To Reach your Audience

Don't just think of a newsroom for publishing press releases to the media. An online newsroom is another, effective way to speak directly to your target audience. As David Meerman Scott, author of "The New Rules of Marketing and PR" states: "Your primary audience is no longer just a handful of journalists. Your audience is millions of people with Internet connections and access to search engines and RSS readers."

Newsroom articles, published on your website and optimized with your keywords can be a traffic magnet for searchers. What kind of articles should you consider publishing, and how might they differ from regular blog posts or email marketing newsletters?

7 Ideas for Creating Newsroom Articles

Beyond the obvious, BIG NEWS happening at your company, consider creating news articles around a number of different topics. Here are some ideas to stimulate your thinking:

  1. Are you launching a new product or service?
  2. Have you developed a new tool or resource?
  3. Did you come up with a new solution to an old problem?
  4. Have you won an award or achieved a new industry certification?
  5. Is someone in your organization speaking at a conference?
  6. Do you have a new case study to share?
  7. Has someone else published news or information about your/your company that you can elaborate upon?
  8. Bonus Ideas: Announce a contest, sponsor an event, do a survey/poll, share industry trends, share survey/poll results.

A key thought is to create your own angle when coming up with ideas and writing news releases.

I like to think of articles for the newsroom as pieces triggered by some event, time-based milestone or planned occurence. Blog articles on the other hand tend to be more thematically and series based, and, certainly more interactive in nature. Email newsletters can be used to summarize both to your permission-based audience linking them back to your site for the full read.

Some of your more important newsroom articles should also be re-purposed in the form of an online news release, optimized and distributed through a news release distribution service.

How to Set up an Online Newsroom

The main technology you need for your online newsroom is an RSS enabled content management application you can add to your website. You want this on your root domain to reap the SEO benefits of publishing more and more keyword rich content on your site.

HubSpot customers have a near, ready-made newsroom already contained within their hosted CMS. It just needs some setup, configuration and optimization to make it work. This site's Newsroom page was created using the HubSpot blog module and RSS Module. The Newsroom page is a listing of all the news articles you've published. It includes the title of your articles and a brief, around 250 character description followed by a "read more" link. The complete content of your news article is on a content sub-page which is actually a blog module configured specifically for news vs. blog content. For example, comments are turned off for the news article page.

For those DIY'ers there's a help article on how to create a newsroom in the HubSpot CMS you can use to build your own newsroom. Non, do-it-yourselfers' can contact B2B Inbound for a quick and effective set up of their Newsroom on their CMS.

Publish Your News Release Through a News Distribuiton Service

The advantage of also publishing your news via a distribution service is to gain greater awareness and expand the reach beyond what subscribers to your newsroom, visitors to your site or searches will bring you.

Otherwise referred to as a news release wire service, news release distribution services helps your article gain exposure by:

  • allowing links with your keyword-rich anchor text
  • distributing to Google, Yahoo! and Bing for indexing
  • supporting insertion of images and multi-media if desired
  • integrating with social media sharing tools

Each service typically has varying levels of features and pricing. A few of the top news distribution services include:

Here's an example of a release we recently did for B2B Inbound using PRWeb to announce our launch of HubSpot Partner Services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And here's that same release: HubSpot Partner Services Officially Launched for San Francisco Area, re-purposed on our Newsroom page with sight variations in the Title and linking structure.

News Release Optimization Tips

An optimized news release on your newsroom or online media room and distrbuted on the news wires will help improve search engine ranking for selected keywords. With some thought and planning your optimized releases will drive traffic and create permanent backlinks to your site.

Here are some tips to optimize your releases:

  • Do keyword research to select 1-2 primary keywords to focus on per release (HubSpot customers can use Keyword Grader).
  • Use keywords in the Title (think top-left positioning).
  • Use your keywords 2-3 times on average in the main text.
  • Use keywords in anchor text that points to an optimized page for the keyword on your website (not your home page). Best if you can match the anchor text to a page title of the target page. Example: B2B Internet Marketing Vs.
  • Include anchor text link of your primary keyword in the first 250 words (some news release services such as PRWeb suggest one anchor text link per every 100 words). Again, think "top-left" for your most important keyword  and anchor text placement.
  • Also include a full, URL link to your website in the boilerplate (About My Company) section normally found at the end of a release. Example:
  • Don't repeat links or use the same anchor text twice.
  • Use and optimize images with your keywords in their file name and alt text.
  • While optimizing your release for the search engines, remember to write for the human! Make it interesting and answer the question, "what's in it for them?"
  • Don't use industry jargon or "Gobbledygook" words.
  • Use HubSpot's free Press Release Grader to see how well you've optimized it.

Publishing your news or press release on your own newsroom lets you control more of the optimization techniques. For example, You have the ability to use more anchor text that links to internal pages of your site. You may also create headings and subheadings with your keywords. You may also choose to place and optimize images anywhere you want them on your newsroom page.

I think you'll agree, creating a newsroom, publishing and distributing optimized artices is a great way to support a content marketing plan focused on generating traffic and leads via the search engines.

What tips do you have for creating news release articles?

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